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The volcanic massif of Mount Arcuentu extends inland parallel to the Costa Verde and is bordered to the south by the Monte Linas. The nature of its rocks is mainly basalt, but on the western side are pumice tuffs fossil sloping down to the coast. The core, of which Mount Arcuentu (784 m) is the highest peak, is made up of a series of basaltic spiers that make this volcanic landscape, virtually uninhabited, really spectacular. Another notable peak is Mount Maiori (725 m) which is separated from M.Arcuentu Passo Genna Flore (498 m). The ruins of a castle on top of Mount Arcuentu show that in the past there was a military post, good for the view along the coast or on the inside, towards the Campidano.

How to get

From Cagliari-Sardinia South Take the SS 131 for about 44 Km exit at Sanluri (second road) and follow the signs to Monreale and S.Gavino Guspini. From Oristano, Sardinia-North: Take the SS 131 coming after Oristano, to Marrubiu and continuing for Terralba, St. Nicholas Arcidano and Guspini. Another option is to take the SS 131 to the junction of San Gavino Monreale, from here go towards Guspini. A Guspini follow the signs for Montevecchio. Going through the abandoned mining facilities, the uphill road ends in the country, at a crossroads. To the left you enter the village, while on the right the signals indicate Piscinas and Costa Verde. In this direction after less than 7 km starts at the track that leads to Arcuentu.

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