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Cammino di Santa Barbara – Arbus – Ospitalità Tappa 05 da Portixeddu a Piscinas

We are located about 2 km from the stage. For pilgrims on the Way of Santa Barbara we have a free transfer from the arrival to our structure and the following morning we will accompany you to the departure of the next stage.

The Way develops along a ring of about 500 km in the Sulcis-Iglesiente-Guspinese region.

You walk for almost 75% of the route on paths, mule tracks, cart tracks and dirt roads, while the remaining 25% is made up of cobbled streets in urban centers and short extra-urban stretches with asphalt roads.

The altitude goes from sea level to the altitude of 900 m in the Marganai mountain system: it is necessary to take into account the continuous presence of gradients, which however are only a few cases demanding stretches.

Based on the mileage, travel difficulties and availability of accommodation facilities in the villages and mining villages crossed, the itinerary was divided into 30 stages with an average length of approximately 16 km each.

Many stages are rather short, to allow pilgrims / hikers time to visit classical and industrial archeology sites of particular charm and beauty.

Those who are not interested in visits can easily divide the stages according to their tastes and pace, obviously taking into account the availability of reception facilities.

We also point out that the travel time indicated at the beginning of each stage is based on an average pace of 3 kilometers per hour, a slightly slower pace than normal, precisely in consideration of the fact that the pilgrim / hiker will be brought to slowing down its steps, and frequently stopping to admire the landscapes, the particular geological formations, the archaeological remains, the mining structures, and all the other beauties encountered.

Attention: The “official route”, at the time of going to press, presents in some sections some practicability problems that will be slowly solved with maintenance interventions. Pending these works, we prefer to direct the walkers on alternative, perfectly passable sections, which are described in the text, indicated on the map with the continuous red line, and marked on the spot with temporary signs (see signs).

The official route is however indicated on the map with a dense hatch, so that if in the next few months these sections become passable, the reader will have the relevant map available.

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