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Behind the project there is a principle of environmental sustainability developed around the idea Azienda Agricola in Km ZERO . The aim is to introduce in our kitchen the natural products to delight customers with genuine and traditional food preparations. Here we will produce flour in a completely autonomous with which knead buns and pastries, or jams, and some cheeses. The rest of the food we serve are purchased from neighboring farms that are inspired by our own quality standards.

From the garden to the stove, the passage is direct and free of any contamination. Culinary Experiences of this kind are indispensable not only for pleasure but also for the culture of each one of us because we go to recover flavors and scents of the past that we risk losing over the years.

The concept of Azienda Agricola in Km ZERO aims at upgrading of the territory, preferring seasonal ingredients and products in the fund or in the neighboring farms, exploiting the potential of the territory, however, without reducing it to a minimum, in the sign of a ‘more healthy diet, balanced and environmentally sound.

In our fund we grow grain, vegetables and fruit trees, especially cherries. Then we breed poultry.

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