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La Quercia, our farm is situated on the slopes of Mount Linas, our groves of black gonnos, mainly, produce a great many sqiusite Organic Oil and olives in brine.
From Sugheredella our company is extracted cork with a ten-year cycle and extract a large amount of cork every year.
Since 1990, we produce all this in full respect of nature, in fact our products are certified as organically grown.

And ‘possible to know the’ organic farm through guided tours.
The tours depart from the olive grove to the farm to get directly nellorto and in the area of ​​fruit trees, dovenoi, we work with passion for many years. In the tour you will do with me to the farm, what I feel is surely say “The oil is made of olives pressed and not born in the mill.”
Each bottle of oil has a story, a story of love, passion, care, hope and many times of suffering and fear, because very little for an entire year’s work may be compromised. The bottle will become so enticing not just oil but the tale of nature with his magic gives the best fruit and the most exquisite fragrances every year in a different way.

For those wishing to know our farm and sample our products, we offer the chance to experience of tasting, in our room just above the cellar.
The types of tastings are three:

“Easy” at a cost of € 10.00 per person: tasting of two types of oil in combination with a platter of meats and cheeses and local wine.
Degu Degu-lunch-dinner and lunch to dinner, I understand both the tour company and the tasting of two types of oil and wine.
Menu from € 18.00 per person includes the following courses paired with wine: typical starter, encores of first, dessert.
Menu from € 22.00 per person, in combination with the wines includes: typical starter, a first course, a second course of meat and dessert.
Depending on the season, adding € 5.00 to the cost of tastings, we give you the opportunity to make a “cultural walk” in our estate.

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